Shara Bella Esthetics

SofTap® has modernized the ancient tradition of tattooing by hand to bring professionals an ergonomic solution for practicing permanent cosmetics. The 100% disposable, patented needle configurations are designed for comfort, efficiency, and pinpoint precision. The hand method is gentle, quiet, and is a great option for professionals seeking that extra control. Clients have repeatedly told us how pleasant their experiences have been—some have even fallen asleep during the procedure. The hand method is a machine free process, performed solely by a caring, well-trained professional. 

Here at Shara Bella Esthetics, I don't use stencils or just sit you down and go to work. Expect a thorough consultation in which we agree on both the color and the shape - which is tailored specifically to you - not some stencil that is used on every client. Consultations are free and we will go through what will be done during the application as well as choose your color and also a possible brow shape. Consultations are perfect opportunities to ask any questions or where you bring up any concerns. Since this is a permanent procedure, I want you to feel 100% confident with who you choose as your artist. 


I require a 20% non-refundable deposit within a week of scheduling to hold your appointment time which will go toward the application cost 
*Includes one free touch-up within 6 weeks of application*
Eyebrow (not including corrective work) $250
Lash enhancement  $200
Lash enhancement top only $125
Eyeliner  $250
Eyeliner top only  $175
Lip extension  $200
Lip liner  $250
Full lip  $400

Touch ups are based on consultation and cost will be determined upon how much needs to be touched up
Corrective work/color corrections based on consultation only

​​*For your session, feel free to bring in your own music to listen to. I have aux cable hooked up to speakers so you can bring in your phone or mp3 player and play the music that makes you feel the most relaxed. Of course, if you choose not to, I have soothing music in my room that should do the trick*

Skincare and lashes by Shara

All photos shown depict work performed by Shara Shimabukuro and are property of Shara Bella Esthetics