Say goodbye to clumpy, runny mascara and say hello to beautiful eyelash extensions. One lash extension is applied to one of your natural lashes so as your natural lashes grow out and shed on their own, the same will happen to the extensions. By going to a professional, well-trained esthetician for your set, you will be able to wear extensions indefinitely and still have healthy strong natural lashes. 

*Please do not drink any caffeine and come to your appointment with your eyes free of makeup - especially mascara and eyeliner - any excess time spent removing your makeup will be taken away from lash application time*

New Sets

Full set  (90%+ natural lashes extended): $150 
Half set  (50% natural lashes extended): $120 

Tester set: $95

Fills are booked in time increments and will be based on how well you take care of your extensions and how often you come see me for fills.

30 min mini fill: $30 (1-2 weeks in between fills, mostly as a quick fill in before vacation or events)

1 hour fill: $50 (estimated 2-3 weeks in between fills)

If there are minimal lashes left at the time of fill, I reserve the right to charge for a full set.

Full removal​ $30


Lash lift $50

Lash lifts are basically a perm for your lashes. If you have a great set of natural lashes but want to avoid the damage that lash curlers do and want a cost friendly alternative to lash extensions, lash lifts can be your best friend. Turn your straight or down facing lashes into a beautifully curly ones that enhances your eyes! They last between 6-8 weeks and require very minimal upkeep. 

​​*For your session, feel free to bring in your own music to listen to. I have aux cable hooked up to speakers so you can bring in your phone or mp3 player and play the music that makes you feel the most relaxed. Of course, if you choose not to, I have soothing music in my room that should do the trick*

All photos shown depict work performed by Shara Shimabukuro and are property of Shara Bella Esthetics

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